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The Echocardiography boards offered by the NBE are notoriously hard.  No matter if you are preparing for the ASCeXAM, AdvPTEeXAM or ReASCE, proper preparation is required to pass.  

How to Study For the Echo Boards

As a busy fellow, you are only going to have a few months of time to properly prepare for your echocardiography boards.  With such a limited study schedule you have to make your resources count. 

See what others have recommended as their “go-to” study materials for the echo boards

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Echocardiography Textbooks

A good textbook is the foundation for your echocardiography knowledge.  Did you know that different textbooks are recommended for different exams?  See what book you should use!

Echocardiography Apps

In a world with a smartphone always at our side, its natural to want the Best Echocardiography Apps.   With ease of use and video clip capabilities, these apps make learning echocardiography a breeze!

Echocardiography Courses

For some people, self study just doesn’t cut it when it comes to exam preparation.  Nothing gets you prepared for an exam like a proper echocardiography course.  We even put together our own tutorial for the basics!

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“With so much to worry about in fellowship, the last thing I wanted to worry about was wasting my time with poor test prep resources”

J. Rousell

Cardiology Fellow

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