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When it is time to prepare for your echo boards The echocardiography question book most often recommended has been Clinical Echocardiography Review by Klein and Asher.   Practicing questions is one of the most efficient ways to prepare for the Echo Boards


A Cardiology Fellow on Clinical Echocardiography Review

“Great Question Book,  Worth every minute I spent using it.”

While it will not replace a true echocardiography textbook like the Textbook of Echocardiography by Otto or Feigenbaum’s Echocardiography when it comes to question-books,  this one is the best.   While it is a great book to review the online videos and ebook are very glitchy.  I would look for other dedicated resources if I wanted to use it for online or mobile studying.


A Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellow on Clinical Echocardiography Review

“Great Question Book, even for the Perioperative Echo Boards”

I don’t think the Perioperative exam was the intended test for this book.  However, the concepts of echocardiography are the same and there are not any good periop echo question books out there.   I just skipped the questions that were obviously cardiology focused.   

The Other books

The Echo Manual

Intraoperative and Interventional Echocardiography

Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography

Feigenbaum’s Echocardiography

Echo Boards Academy

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Due to strong interest, we will be creating an Echo Boards Review Book with all our greatest echocardiography tips, pearls, and teaching points to help you crush your Echo Boards

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